Sun In Her Eyes


Great guys from the ECHOPOLIS Records finished mixing of our new single.We will release it very soon.


Good morning.Sun In Her Eyes beginnig to working on a new recording.Nice monday and lucky week to everybody. 


Our plans, short 

Right now Sun In Her Eyes in it's "repairing stage". There's some ideas for the next recording, that need using a lot more instruments than there was on "Stardome". Problem is - lot of our equipment need to be repaired/tuned/etc. In general, we're thinking about ceasing using the virtual instruments and samplers to the necessary minimum - for example, we can't record a real drums. 

There's some changes in the sound planned as well. We have plans to make it more 'rock" in one hand, and more 'electronic' - in another. God knows, how to do this, but we'll do our best.And about the recording itself. We think that it will be an EP with three or four tracks. We are going to record some tunes and then choose wich of them are going to make a final cut. 

And by the way, mixing and mastering will be done by pros. 

Be healthy and get a cookies.